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December 22, 2007


Juanita La Salle

Now I am sure you have lost it!


I'm 41 and have two tattoos, one on the inside of each ankle. If I don't want them to show, I wear black tights or Spanx hose. I love mine and it's very tempting to get another, although it too would be in an inconspicuous place.

Try a temporary one for a while and see how you like it (could be VERY sexy) and if you do decide to go permanent, pick your artist and design carefully. Talk to the artist a few times and get their imput and ideas.

Tattoos don't have to be tacky Harley/Trailer Park Babe things.


I am the voice your Jiminy Cricket warned you about. I say go for it.

I have two tattoos, both invisible to the general public. High (high) inside both thighs. I love them madly, they make me madcap and irresistable in my imagination.

Lately, I've seen such brilliance in body art that I am considering more public decoration. The challenge is finding a body part that will not become even more yucchy if inked. So choose parts carefully. Outside of legs is high on my list, as is yours.

DO choose artist carefully. It's worth a vast premium to find a tattooist with whom you click. The internet has lots of examples from some of the best. There's someone in Chicago I'm considering who understands the Japanese tradition but with a modern spin. WITH the technical expertise.

When you find your artist, get the outlines, live with them awhile, before you go whole hog with the coloring. Any misgivings can be corrected in the meantime.

Dance? That's why they have opaque stockings. Enjoy the canvas of your body, even if its only you. If you're chicken, go for a quick upper thigh icon, something you love, and see how you feel about it for a year.

Even if it's the chicken version, I say GO FOR IT!

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