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December 19, 2007



Gold shoes just scream Miami Beach Matron! The gold or flesh tone shoes would really be difficult for me to wrap my head around, I'd want to match my dress as well.


YUM. I love the two you showed, I hope they are like the dance shoes you bought, even if the colors are not your first choice. Satin/crepe strappy.

I was the Imelda Marcos in my set when I got married the second time. Everyone wondered how I'd choose, not my wedding dress, but the SHOES. The dress was late-30's style bias cut satin-backed crepe, with contrasting panels. I found, after long searching, shoes much like your second example, displaying both the satin and the crepe. At San Francisco Nordstrom's, they did not have my size, a predictable 7 1/2. This is Nordstrom's, right? My wish (particularly shoes)should be his command. The clerk was dismissive and did not offer to send to other stores or Outer Mongolia for my shoes. I got on the horn the next day and raised holy hell from his manager all the way up to Nordstrom's Chief Shoe Buyer. Not only was I Imelda Marcos, I was fucking Bridezilla and no one was going to forget it. I got my shoes Priority Mail within the week. I later learned I had cost the poor schlub who had the misfortune of waiting upon me his job. Really, I got someone fired for the sake of satin-backed crepe kitten-heeled pumps. I felt bad for a nanosecond, and then thought he'd be happier in some non-retail position.

So Tell Me, Dear Rianna, am I evil, or only sorta bad?

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