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October 06, 2007



Robert Downey Jr. is so cute. Who cares what the movie's about.

I stumbled across a movie I hadn't seen recently, The Truth about Cats and Dogs. Chick flick, but that works for me.

Shawn Lea

Shane Black - who wrote (?) and directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - disappeared in 1996 after The Long Kiss Goodnight tanked.

In 2005, before the release of the movie, he talked to Erik Hedegaard in Rolling Stone magazine about his disappearing act - and the curse of Hollywood (and gave the great quote I've always remembered!):

I once heard that the curse of Hollywood is not that 99 percent of the time you're out of work; and your friends are mean to you, petty, peevish and angry; and everyone hates each other and is venal, full of spite, malice, bigotry, hatred and self-interest. No, that's not the curse. The curse is that the one percent of the time it's good, it's so good that you'll put up with all the bullshit just for that one time you can sit in a theatre and go, "Hey, that's my f***ing name up there!"

And Ian Fleming said of his James Bond character: Fleming said, "James Bond is ... the feverish dreams of the author of what he might have been - bang, bang, bang, kiss, kiss, that sort of stuff. It's what you would expect of an adolescent mind - which I happen to possess."

I always wondered if that's where the title came from.

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