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October 04, 2007



I took the quiz last week or so, and surprise, surprise! Kucinich was first on my list as well. The only thing with which I found myself in agreement with the Republican candidates was the line-item veto. Would I want to give it to Bush? No. Do I think a different President should have it? I think so. I also disagreed with most of the Democrats around the government's support of giant agri-businesses under the guise of "developing bio-fuels." Can we say "ethanol"? It makes food more expensive in the rest of the world, and our supplementing the growth of corn or the development of it mostly supports large corporations or wealthy individuals.

I am not a Democrat, even though I've never voted for anyone but Democrats for at least the past 40-something years.


All of the Republicans ended up at the bottom of my list. My top was Chris Dodd. Hillary and Barak were 2 and 3.

I'm not going to let myself get hopeful about the upcoming election. It just hurts too much to have those hopes dashed on the rocks of stupidity, greed and hypocrisy.


We must not surrender to bitter cynicism in politics, life or our credit card debt. In the words of my cultural icon, "Afterall, tomorrow is another day."

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