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September 09, 2007


Linda Pavone King

I had the pleasure of attending a Luciano and Friends concert when we lived in Milano. Modena was a short distance from our home and we regularly dined at Europa 92. After becoming friends with Luca and his Father Ceasare (Luciano's boyhood friend and partner at Europa)Luca asked us to attend the weekend event.What a spectacular time we had. Mr. Pavarotti was a special person in many ways. Yes, his personal life was somewhat messy, but, he was a gifted and very generous Man. I am Italian-American and am now back in the U.S. (A pity) I was so saddened and even more so over the fact that not one of our Magazines had a front page dedication to this incredibly gifted Man who brought the culture of Opera to our country. We have been reading about Anna Nicole, Brittany Spears and now again, the continuing saga of the murderous O.J. People are slithering under fences on their bellies to get into our country, I'll never figure that one out.
The contibutions to our culture from this Man have gone un-noticed. When Frank Sinatra died, we were living in Italy. Every newspapers front page had a photo of him and the words, Addio Frankie! Iwas greatly saddened that we here in America did not give Luciano anything close to an acknowledgement worthy of this great Tenor and Humanitarian. He was so loved and his art was so appreciated.

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