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August 07, 2007



She didn't go through a demoralizing divorce- a commenter on her blog did. And she didn't move to the West Coast either- she was promoting her movie there.


Julia Child set about to make her monument out of free will and inspiration. Julie Powell created a false deadline and a self-involved challenge that piggy-backed entirely on the work of a giant. No wonder Julia Child had nothing to do with recommending or recognizing Julie Powell's condescending, cynical and narcissitic achievement.

Andy T

Check out this accurate review of the film...



Wow, way to read her blog thoroughly.

Try actually doing some research

Is this a joke? You think she wrote a cookbook? You think she got divorced? And moved to the West Coast?
Are you serious?
Are you braindead?
Or just really, really bad at reading...

Whatever your comprehensional challenges may be, your post is a huge fail.


What? What demoralizing divorce? What move to the West Coast? What cookbook? WTF?

good advice

uhh lady get a clue. do you know about defamation? julie powell could sue you for libel on this blog, would win, and could collect damages from you. you know it is false because you've been put on notice. make a correction or you are committing defamation (which by the way is not protected by the First Amendment.)

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