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August 29, 2007


Shawn Lea

Happy blog birthday! My little blogger is growing up. ;) (It seems like only yesterday I was installing a Sitemeter link to your blog in a Tampa hotel business center!)

Amy Borgstrom

Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy your blog and look forward to meeting you sometime when you come to No. Va to see Stryder. Two wonderful books to add to your pile:

The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth. Incredibly evocative description of an inn in the high French Alps near the monastery where they make chartreuse. The inn and its menus which are described was the inspiration for Chez Panisse (this all started with reading the new biography of Alice Waters), which is also quite good:

Here is a link to the Flowering Hearth book


You had me scared that you were quiting, until I read you last line. I just want to thank you for some great stories. I look forward to them every day.


Yaay Riannan!!! I, like Thomas, was a little concerned until the last line. I love your blog!

As you can see, Amy's quite the foodie. She's great to hit fancy restaurants with. Which we definitely will when you come up. Amy, LC and I have done some serious research on your behalf 8^)


Yay, congratulations, Riannan!! I for one am glad to be along for the ride. Thank you! xx & love, -LC

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