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July 31, 2007



OK, it looks all friendly and nice and stuff, but I have go on record as saying that even 12 years ago or so: it licked my -- REALLY SKINNY AND FIT AT THE TIME -- butt! I called it "attempted murder"; even then!! But I think I have devised an alternative assault on the summit; from the rear; up the fire road. Besides, so near to DC, it's like a parade up the other way... Unless, you do like Stryder and leave your home at 4 am.


When lc and I did it 12 years ago, it was probably March, and it was cold enough that there was still ice on the rocks. Join me in encouraging her to do it again - at least the fire road route!


Wow; perhaps we all ran into each other--I, too, climbed Old Rag about 12 years ago [I lived in Charlottesville and was, at that time, also skinny and fit (not so much to either now)]. I remember the 'up' part being reasonable--only a little challenging-- and the 'down' [fire-road] being easy, but that was 12 years ago. There were a couple of small jumps on the 'up' side and those were the hardest for me [short person]--still, it was very pretty--I agree with Stryder and would encourage you to go.

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