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March 07, 2007



For approximately 13 years I lived my life just to escape to camp for 2 weeks each summer! And escape 3 younger siblings... (imagine that!) There were no new fangled perks, but there was plenty of water, stars, canoes, fire (the main attraction...), and QUIET. (Actually as the oldest of 4 THAT was the main attraction... 8*)

ps- let's go. really.

Cara Fletcher

I also have my own place where I do all the things I want-sleeping till lucnh,eating what I want,meeting new people,ocean kayaking etc. and I dream of this period the whole year.


Yeah, I know how it is to be a kid. :) My fondest memory would be receiving this gorgeous blue topaz jewelry from my mom during my 12th birthday. I still wear them until now.

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