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February 24, 2007


Keith Marshall

Well I took up the challenge! You can find my contribution at

The Pear Lady

Oh, I'm so glad I did this meme, too, for I've found yet another new blog to visit! And, it's a very cool one at that (love the way you post the book list on the side, for one thing). :D
Going to go exploring some more now... :waves: :hugs:


I was just thinking "I might steal this", and then I was tagged, so I guess I should say thank you :) Just give me a little time ;)


Yep! I also loved the Outlander series and Sharon Kay Penman's books. Right now on a Phillipa Gregory kick, and of course I am always watching for what Barbara Kinsolver does next. Rianna, I wish you lived next door!


There. It took a little time, but I've done it too now :) Let's see it I can find the link... Here:

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