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November 26, 2006



Ha ha ha!

- or you could send the turkey on a great trip to Thailand - It had a similar effect on me...

In addition to getting a nice tan I totally fell in love with Thailand - the people, the food, the service, the nature, the november-post-monsoon-climate and the exciting wildlife. Thais are truly the sweetest people I have ever met!

Rarely there, R


I can't wait to try this!!!! 'Spose a chicken will work too?


Heck, yeah. Just more petite.
Joan: Yes, sugar too. I guess one cup in a gallon isn't that much. You couldn't taste it.


Ilove this!! I live in south florida and can't wait to make thius for my family when I go back home!! Love you site....stumbled upon it and glad I did......

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