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August 07, 2006


fragile industries

As a former migraine sufferer, this device would have been a godsend. However, not all migraines come with auras, and not all people who do experience auras have them all the time. I only once had an aura, and that migraine actually sent me to the ER -- it had lasted nearly 3 days and by that time was what they call a "cluster headache." The ER doc shot me full of Demerol, and for about 5 minutes I despaired for relief, when suddenly I was in a pain-free La-La land. High as a kite. Now I know why Oscar Levant was a long-time Demerol addict.

Anyway, that's all old news. My migraines were all linked to the first two days of menses, and with that female inconvenience in my past, the migraines are gone too.

I knew a migrane sufferer who swore by some acrid-smelling Asian-manufactured oily salve (sort of like Tiger Balm) that she rubbed on her temples, so maybe that Head-On stuff does work.

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