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August 15, 2006



oh, i wanna sit me down in front of that 4 lb avocado--just me, it, and a spoon. heck, forget the spoon--we'll go mano a mano-- or mano a fruit-o, jes lemme at it.


Avocados are so good in many recipes.I love guacamole and chips, with a nice dark mexican beer to wash it all down.


Avocados...mmmmm....I can't resist them.


Avocados are my absolute favourite vegetable/fruit/nut or WHATEVER, really. I love just to slice it in two, add salt and pepper and a teaspoon: JUMMMMEEE

- I'm gonna try the salsarecipe for sure! (Even if summer has abruptly come to an end over here...)


Great guac. recipe! It saves the other half a lime for the accompanying drinks. 8*)

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