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August 26, 2006



At our spa we have a small sign on the counter saying "18% gratuity suggested"
I leave it up to the guest to tip or not and most leave something.
Personaly, I will not leave a good tip if the service in a restaurant is below standard and in some cases I will see if there is a floor manager on duty and mention that my server is not paying attention to their job.
Just recently we experienced a waitress who did not check on us, did not bring more coffee, presented the bill before asking if we wanted dessert, and spent most of her time talking. I was most displeased.
Being in charge of a restaurant many years ago, my crew would not have got away with this kind of service.I used to tell them that every customer who came through the door was "their bread and butter, and if you wanted jam, then you had better treat the customers like royalty' and my crew did. I had very few complaints, and the servers who were not up to par did not stay at the restaurant for long.


I feel comfortable enough with myself to tip or not depending on service received. Let's go down your list:

1. Hotel maid service: $5 to $10 a night, period. If they go out of their way to provide you some unexpected service, tip them when it's provided.

2. Tipping your hair dresser really depends on your relationship. If it's a close relationship, 10 to 20 percent sounds about right -- unless they own the salon. It's gauche to tip the owner of a business. One assumes they charge appropriately and don't need to rely on tips. Owners get presents, not tips.

I do not tip people who only take my money. If I'm eating at a buffet and I have indeed received service at my seat, I may leave a few dollars on the table.

As for room service, the last I noticed there is a charge included on the check. I especially liked the charge at a very upscale New Orleans restaurant earlier this summer for "Delivery Charge" in addition to the 17-1/2% "Service Charge." No, seriously, they did have a delivery charge on room service. I'm betting that the employee gets the money if it's included on the check.

If I am made to feel special by someone, I'm comfortable tipping for that service.

I once walked out of a nice restaurant in a major city without leaving a tip. As I left, however, I told the manager that I was torn between leavnig a large tip for my waiter because as bad a waiter as he was, I knew he needed the money, but on the other hand, I hated encouraging him to remain in a profession for which he had no instinct and few skills. If you ever do decide to stiff someone, be sure to make sure they understand the point being made.


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