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July 10, 2006



I was watching the game too. The French weren't really impressing me, i think they'd have lost it anyway. Zidane was playing like a god - he hasn't been voted World's Best Player for years on end (a few years back) for nothing - and he never does things like this. But probably Materazzi was at him, quite possibly with horrible abuse, he's no angel - and Zikou, frustrated at their game most likely, couldn't hold back.

I agree, it was such a sad way to go. But I still believe people will remember his incroyable playing and technique better than this incident. At least in a few days they will...

Half of the Italian team belong in Juventus, which will be relegated to 3rd division or something now because of corruption. Their boss tried committing suicide during the World Cup, only half succeeded and was badly injured. They played the rest of the games for him, they said. Seems to have done them a world of good, somehow.

- Oh, and sorry for taking up so much space :)

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