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June 07, 2006



My favorite from the "Dictionary of Occupational Titles," back when I used to regularly peruse such tomes, was "offal roller." Talk about yuck! But I'd test potato chips any day of the week...


I think I'll stick to what I do now.


My hair stylist just left to pursue a career in facial prosthetic sculpting, aka anaplastology. Pretty cool.


I guess I had an "odd job" on one occasion, one you listed, page turner.

I had another odd job in my spare time as a non-singing opera extra, technically called "supernumerary," or "super," more commonly known as "spear carrier." Great fun, great music. Anyway, at one rehearsal, the rehearsal pianist's page turner didn't show up, and the assistant conductor, who would usually fill in, was also absent. I volunteered, vastly exaggerating my sight-reading abilities, and there was much hubbub about my non-union status and other organizational issues, but someone had to do it and I promised I wouldn't squeal to the authorities. The pianist would mutter, "now," and I tried to turn pages smoothly. It's not as mindless as you'd think, though I can't say it's an art form. I was judged to be a mediocre page turner, so I'm not likely to find myself in their Hall of Fame.

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