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May 23, 2006



Dilbert can give you a clue about being a cube dweller, but until you've had the experience of realizing that everything you say is overheard for about 50 hours per week, it's not the same. What a weird existence; cause me to quit. ... But I quit the waitperson gig a LOT quicker. Hardest job I EVER had! How to remember all the orders and special requests??!!?? However, for all that suffering, I am now a very good tipper -- and can't stand those who aren't. What do you do when your host leaves a bad tip? Sneak some extra under your plate? Say something? Slink out of the restaurant? Has Miss Manners tackled that one?


It was a great movie - sadly too close to home for a lot of folks but hilarious.


Ah yes, I also have memories of the waitress days.


lc: I too tip a minimum of 20% almost always. There is rarely a wait person screwup I can't relate to. If I'm with someone who tips badly, I'll sometimes comment--"was there a problem" otherwise, all the others work--slip something under your plate, slink out, remove that person from auto-dial.


Good answers all, R; thanks! "Was there a problem?" is one I shall keep up my sleeve for the next time that particular cheapskate I had in mind decides to "treat" me. xx -L ps but here it get hairy: does one tip 20% if one's bottle of wine costs as much as two good meals? -- just asking...

Shawn Lea

I was a waitress at Burkett's Radiation Shop and Cafe in Hattiesburg, Miss., during college. (No, I am not making the name up.) They only served lunch. It was a family-owned business. The waitresses had all worked there for 25 years and knew what the men (yes, they were all men) wanted to eat. THEY NEVER ORDERED. This drove me a bit nuts until I got the hang of it. About the time I was getting better, one of the waitresses had a daughter who lost a job and needed one quickly...that was the end of line for me. ;) My one and only (but very memorable) four-month experience waiting tables.

Blake Mitchell

When was this movie released? I love watching movies related to work. It makes me feel that there are people out there who understand how I feel. Watching movies like that help me learn a lot about dealing with other people. =)

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