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January 30, 2006



No offence taken ;) I love football (Rarity does NOT), but you deserved this win.

- I've just got to mention, in passing, that our first team is occupied elsewhere..

You really should go see it, though, it's good fun! I so hoped the US would beat Germany last World Cup, but alas... (Like someone once said - football is a game with 22 players and one ball, and then Germany wins...)


Enjoy your recent victory - but prepare to be beaten in all kinds of whinter sports by tiny little Norway, once the olympics get started...

(Really: I'm not the least bit interested in sports - so this is just a lame attempt to sound like "one of the guys")

Death Race

I loved soccer ever been before. This time, I will be a fan of this handsome Taylor Twellman. And your right, he is so cute. I hope I could be there someday at Berlin for the World Cup. Keep posting !

300 Spartanworkouts

They play so good, congratulations to U.S Men's Soccer team. Ypu really did a great job, thanks !

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