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September 11, 2005



That Wikipedia definition is really lame. Here is the American Heritage Dictionary version, which seems to sum it up pretty well (especially if you are referring to O. Henry plots):
"Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs."
Like when you kidnap a 10 year old, and they wind up holding YOU hostage...and YOU have to pay money to their parents to get them to take the kid back (Lance, are you reading this?)

Shawn Lea

Every time anyone talks about irony, ironically, it always reminds me of something I heard on NPR. During the Alanis Morissette heyday, when you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing "Isn't it ironic, don't'cha think?", NPR was interviewing a literature professor who proved systematically that none of her examples were truly ironic - they were just cosmic bummers.

I was glad I was out of grad school by then, because I imagined all of the literature professors running around saying, "It's really not ironic. It's just not."

I've been there. I know it could happen. ;)


Thanks. You helped me finish this crossword puzzle


Thanks. You helped me finish this crossword puzzle

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