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September 22, 2005


much ado about nothing

Add to your list: Will of London by Stephen Greenblatt, just out in paperback, a wonderful reconstruction of the life of William Shakespeare. Awesome reading, riveting and believable.

Laurel Whitney

I found your blog in a search for pictures of Anne Boelyn. I'm an avid reader of historical fiction as well and have a love of the Tudors. I totally agree with your view that historical fiction is a good read and, if it's good, a dose of education as well. It's helped me in the past to get an idea of a certain period and the main players, and from there I'll go on to read biographies and more academic writings. Philippa Gregory is among my favourite authors. 'The Other Boelyn Girl' is what introduced me to Mary Boelyn. It's nice to find someone who shares my love of history, the Tudors, and a good read.

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