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I'm a professional woman of eclectic tastes.


I'm a mid-level Baby Boomer, female, working in a left-brained world. I have a brother and a sister, and nieces and nephews. Live with cats (2 indoor and 3 outdoor), all strays who visited and decided to stay. My parents moved close a couple of years ago.

Favorite reading: History and mystery.
Authors: Ruth Rendell, Carl Hiaasen, Jane Langton, Calvin Trillin, Minette Walters, Simon Brett, Peter Dickinson, and many more.
Favorite food: Italian, but open to suggestion
Pastimes: Crosswords, cards--bridge, backgammon and pinochle, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell, for starters.
Movies: Currently subscribe to Netflix. Hard to pin down favorites (short attention span), but if pushed will try to make sure friends have seen Grosse Pointe Blank, and Pushing Tin.
Travel: Have lived all over the world, and now travel when the opportunity knocks.
Cooking: I'm good at it, and have a lot of toys. Would have more if I had more room.
Hobbies: Needlepoint and beading.


Cooking for friends and family. Glass of wine and a crossword at the end of the day. Mastering new skills. Meeting new people, but not too many of them (uh oh.) Satire and humor.